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Perfect Occasions is a premiere manufacturer & supplier of corporate gift products and premium gifts.

We are specialized in helping customers to conceive creative premium gift and their corporate gift ideas, based on their marketing and promotional plans, for their corporate events, meetings, annual dinner and advertising campaigns.

We customize and personalize our products enabling our client companies to give them to their employees, potential clients, charities, customers, or suppliers. This helps them to express appreciation on behalf of the company, and also acts as a memento and a goodwill gesture.

We provide a plethora of dynamic customization and personalization options catering to your specific branding needs. Key options include:

Logo Imprint

Your Logo reflects your brand identity. It aids and promotes public identification and recognition. We help you to imprint your logo in the promo gift products like diaries, notebooks, t-shirts etc.

Text Imprint

You can get path-breaking promo text imprinted on the gift items enabling you to communicate any promo message to your employees, potential clients, charities, customers, or suppliers.

Engraving Names

Get the names of your employees, potential clients, charities, customers, or suppliers printed / engraved on notebooks and t-shirts.


In your corporate diary we can also insert invites, incentives, vouchers or other communications inside your corporate gift for extra business-building impact.

Printing Techniques

We use and apply diverse printing techniques like screen printing, offset printing and digital printing to get logo printed on the cover pages of Diaries and Notebooks. We master the technique of debossing which is and will continue to be the undisputed favourite among the logo debossings. It is of high-quality and pleasant to the touch.

Paper & Print Material

We give you the luxury of selecting the type of paper and other print material to be used is notebooks and diaries.

Binding Methods

We have mastery on the major types of binding methods and apply suitable one according to your requirements. Principal types of binding including padding, perfect, spiral, comb, sewn, clasp, disc, and pressure are used either singly or in combination as per your need.